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About Marissa


Marissa a NY, NJ, and ME State Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She obtained a BA in Psychology from St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia and a MS in Mental Health Counseling from Manhattan College. Her background in crisis management, family therapy, psychiatric inpatient services, and individual counseling sparked her interest in building a

private practice.

When people voluntarily partake in counseling and are willing to make strides to better their life, it's a very powerful experience. I encourage my clients to understand their ability to regain control of their lives, and not to allow whatever issue they are experiencing to dictate their future.

I have strong engagement skills. I am aware of how therapy can be perceived and how it can feel. I bring humor with me wherever I go because let's face it: in life you want to work with people you like. I demonstrate sensitivity and empathy toward my clients but definitely push them to explore alternative perspectives to further gain insight into their situation.

I'm not the type of therapist to sit and nod and agree with everything you say. It's important to reflect on your part in progressing. Having said that, we will move at your pace - after all, this is your process! 

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Why me?

It's possible you've searched several therapist websites at this point and you may be feeling defeated. Well don't give up! No matter who you pick, it needs to be the right fit. If that means a consultation with a few different clinicians, then so be it.

My flexible pre-work, early-morning and lunch break afternoon hours are ideal for working professionals and students.

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