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Licensed Therapists 

  • Are you a therapist (or in training) looking to start or get back into counseling? 

My experience in being a therapist OF a therapist is a unique part of my skill set, as I’m able incorporate my experience as being a therapist in therapy.

As a clinician, participating in supervision is such a crucial part of deepening my work. Please do note the distinctions: I don’t provide any clinical supervision to my clients that are therapists. BUT let’s face it, it’s helpful to have a therapist who just gets it! Gets all the ins and outs, ups and downs of this beautiful field we’re in. 

Providing a warm empathetic space for therapists to have for themselves is one of the most fulfilling parts of my career and private practice.


Photo and content credit: NASW!

Career Guidance

Upon reflection of my own educational and professional journey, I’ve come across therapists in training and already licensed professionals in need of career support. 

  • Feeling unsure of your options while in graduate school or at your first job post grad and overwhelmed? 
  • Working towards​ your licensure hours and feeling uncertain about when to take your exam or what’s next after that? 
  • Recently licensed and ready to shift away from agency work but unclear of what? 

We can work together as a short term solution focused approach in identifying any barriers in the way of reaching your full career potential. I can provide information on beginning a private practice or guide graduate students on post grad steps to get licensed. Please note this is NOT clinical supervision. 

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